Scottsdale Car Rentals with Marshall's Service Center

Need to Rent A Car?

Marshall's and the Xpress Rent A Car Network have great rental rates on economy, midsize, full size and luxury cars, as well as minivans. Whether you need just need an economy car to get around while your vehicle is being serviced, a luxury vehicle to impress clients or a van to help transport visitors, Marshall's Service Center and Xpress Rent A Car have you covered. Whatever your reason for needing a rental car, we always offer some of the lowest rates in Scottsdale matched with our unbeatable customer service.

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Why rent a car from Marshall's?

  • Low daily, weekly and monthly rates
  • NO airport or concession tax
  • Trusted local business
  • Wide selection of rental vehicles
  • Competitive rates on all models

Rental Rates

Vehicle Example per day per week per month per day CDW*
Luxury Full Size

Luxury Full
Size Cars

Mercury Grand Marquis $34.95 $229.00 $759.00 $12.95
Full Size Cars

Full Size Cars

Chevrolet Impala $29.95 $199.95 $699.00 $11.95
Mid Size Cars

Mid Size Cars

Chrysler Sebring or Chevrolet Malibu $27.95 $179.95 $659.00 $10.95
Economy Cars

Economy Cars

Dodge Caliber $26.95 $169.00 $599.00 $10.95

*Rates subject to change based on seasonal availability and holidays. Call for details.

*Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Marshall's Service Center and the Xpress Rent A Car Network offer a Collision Damage Waiver to help protect you and limit your liability in case of an accident. To read our Collision Damage Waiver terms and conditions, please click here.



  • Must be over 25 years old
  • Must have a valid/current drivers license
  • Deposits must be left with a credit card

We accept all major credit cards, including AmEx, Visa, MasterCard & Discover.

Rental Terms and Conditions

  • All vehicles include 150 miles per day and $0.15 per mile thereafter
  • All rental contracts are subject to a license and registration fee, Stadium tax, and sales tax
  • Smoking is not permitted in rental cars
  • Pets are not permitted in rental cars
  • Discounted rates available for service customers
  • No Mexico Travel!

Scottsdale Care Rentals

Collision Damage Waiver Terms and Conditions:

Yes: If you choose to accept the Collision Damage Waiver, it limits your exposure in the event of a collision to $500.00. Even if the car is totaled or tied up in the body shop for weeks, you pay just $500.00. In many cases your insurance or your credit card will even pay the $500.00.

No: If you decline the CDW, you are responsible for the vehicle just as if you are driving your own car. If there is any damage to the vehicle, whether it is your fault or not, you are responsible for the cost of repair, diminished value of the vehicle and down time while the car sits in the body shop. Your insurance or credit card may or may not cover these items, but either way, it is your responsibility.

Note: Collision Damage Waiver is NOT insurance. If the customer permits the use of the vehicle by persons not on the contract, or violates use as described in paragraph 2 of the contract, or if the vehicle is used in a negligent, abusive, reckless or wanton manner, then the customer is responsible for damages whether the CDW was purchased or not. Further, CDW does not apply to theft. The customer is responsible for theft of the rental vehicle under any circumstances.

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