Our Automotive Services

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of expertise in the vehicle service and repair industry. We encourage you to contact us if the repair or service you need is not included in this brief overview. You may also reference our recommended maintenance schedule listed below the service menu.


Marshall’s Vehicle Service Menu

The prices listed below include parts and labor on most cars and light trucks. Prices shown do not include tax or shop supplies.




Complete Lube Oil, Filter Service
  • Change Oil and Filter
  • Lube Chassis
  • Check and Top Off Fluids
  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Tires
  • Courtesy Inspection
Cabin Air Filter Replacement
  • Filters the air that comes through your dash.
  • Recommended every 30,000 miles
Cooling System Flush
  • Drain and Flush Cooling System
  • Check Belts and Hoses
  • Pressure Test for Leaks
  • Check Radiator Cap, Thermostat, and Fan Operation
  • Fill Up with up to 1 1/2 Gallons of Coolant
Automatic Transmission Service
  • Drop Pan
  • Inspect Valve Body
  • Check for Leaks
  • Replace Pan Gasket
  • Top Off Fluid
Automatic Transmission Flush
  • Add Transmission Cleaner and Run through System
  • Connect to Transmission Flush Machine
  • Completely Flush Transmission Fluid While Exchanging with Bew Fluid
  • Add Conditioner and Check for Leaks
$179.00 – $219.95
Fuel Injection Service
  • Disable Vehicle Fuel Supply
  • Hook up Fuel Injection Flush Apparatus
  • High Pressure Flush Fuel Injectors with Safe Cleaning Agent
$79.95 – $119.95
Fuel Filter Replacement
  • (Most Fuel Injected Cars)
Tire Rotation
  • Check Pressure, Tire Wear and Brakes
8 Lug or Locking Wheels – $12.00
A/C Service (plus refrigerant)
  • Hook Up Gages
  • Check System Pressures
  • Check for Power Supply through System
  • Check and Adjust Belt Tension
  • Add Dye ($7.00 for Dye Shot)
  • Add Refrigerant
  • Check Temperature Out Vents
Power Steering Fluid Flush
  • Complete Exchange of Power Steering Fluid
  • Add Conditioner (Helps Prolong Component Life)
Differential Service
  • Remover Rear Differential Cover
  • Clean Out and Inspect Rear End Gears and Seals
  • Reseal and Refill to Specs. (Synthetic or Limited Slip Fluid Extra)
Brake Fluid Flush
  • Complete Flush of System
  • Fill with Fresh Fluid
  • Note: Brake Fluid Absorbs Moisture, which Kills Brake Components
Serpentine Belt Replacement
  • Check Belt, Tensioner, and Other Services as Needed
C/V Boot Replacement
  • Remove Axle Shaft
  • Disassemble and Clean C/V Joint
  • Pack with Grease and Replace C/V Boot with New Clamps