“I went to the dealer for an oil change. They told me that I needed $2500 in work done to my brakes. It seemed to be working fine, so I asked around and got referred to Marshall’s for a second opinion. They put my SUV up on the hoist, took the wheels off, inspected my brakes, showed me everything right there and let me know that I had at least 50% of my brakes remaining all the way around. They didn’t charge me a penny and said I could go another 15,000 miles before I needed brakes! As far as I’m concerned, they saved me $2500 on my first visit. They were very professional and now I’ll never go anywhere else.”Jane B.

“I have been bringing mine and my wife’s cars to Marshall’s for years. I think I was one of his first customers almost 20 years ago. They have never steered me wrong and are always helpful with the little things like checking my tires and filling my portable air tank. I have referred lots of friends and family members there and everyone is always very satisfied.”Bill M.

“After years of being talked down to and getting short rude answers at other shops and dealerships, I found out about Marshall’s on the internet. I went there for a simple oil change at first. They were nice, professional and thorough. They told me about some maintenance items that were coming due on my car but didn’t give me the “hard sell” Within the next 6 months I took care of everything little by little as my budget allowed. Now I’m all caught up, my car runs great and I feel like Marshall’s Service Center has my interests in mind first, not theirs.”Linda V.

“I am a school teacher at a nearby school and a single mom. I am always in a rush and on a tight budget. The guys at Marshall’s understand this and give me a quick ride to the school, take care of my car while I’m at work, and have it done in time for me to pick up my daughter. My minivan is old and has lots of miles, but the crew at Marshall’s Service Center have done a great job prioritizing all the work that needs to needs to be done and taking things one step at a time. I would never dream of going anywhere else.”Karen D.

“My daughter goes to school in Arizona and I live back east. I have always done all the work on my daughters car myself. When she moved away to college, I was nervous about her car which is getting older. It died on her one day and we found Marshall’s through AAA. We had the car towed in there and I was waiting for the bad news. I talked to Marshall himself about what was wrong with the car and he put my mind at ease. It turns out he has a daughter going to school in another state so we were in the same boat. After a nice discussion where he explained everything to me, they took care of the car, I took care of the bill, and my daughter has been going there ever since.”Carl T.

“The crew at Marshall’s have been doing all the service work on my cars for years. I bought a newer used car and purchased the extended warranty. A few months later I had a problem with the air conditioner. Marshall’s called my extended warranty company, took care of the repairs and billed them directly. All I had to do was pay my deductible and I was on my way. I sure didn’t expect it to be that easy. These guys go the extra mile.”Robert D.

“I have been going to Marshall’s for years and will continue. They are very honest.” -Rose

“Completely satisfied with our first time service at this repair center. They seem to really care and listen to customers’ problems.”Ann

“Marshall and his staff are incredibly hard working and they’ve saved me lots of money over the years. I recommend them totally!”Matt

“Very honest. I can trust them, which is very important to women.”Mary

“Best and most courteous repair facility I have ever found.”Walter

“Best mechanics in Arizona!”Paula

“Polite, courteous, and a great attitude. I will definitely be back”David