Collision Damage Waiver Terms and Conditions:

Yes: If you choose to accept the Collision Damage Waiver, it limits your exposure in the event of a collision to $500.00. Even if the car is totaled or tied up in the body shop for weeks, you pay just $500.00. In many cases your insurance or your credit card will even pay the $500.00.

No: If you decline the CDW, you are responsible for the vehicle just as if you are driving your own car. If there is any damage to the vehicle, whether it is your fault or not, you are responsible for the cost of repair, diminished value of the vehicle and down time while the car sits in the body shop. Your insurance or credit card may or may not cover these items, but either way, it is your responsibility.

Note: Collision Damage Waiver is NOT insurance. If the customer permits the use of the vehicle by persons not on the contract, or violates use as described in paragraph 2 of the contract, or if the vehicle is used in a negligent, abusive, reckless or wanton manner, then the customer is responsible for damages whether the CDW was purchased or not. Further, CDW does not apply to theft. The customer is responsible for theft of the rental vehicle under any circumstances.